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  • Whole Flower CBD Jellies

    These gels are small cubes for ease and are made with whole flower CBD. They’re an easy and delicious way to take CBD. They’re passion fruit-flavored and each has 25mg of CBD with less than 1 gram of sugar. Many people prefer to take their CBD in this form since it’s delicious and easy!


    CBD is known to have multiple benefits, from inflammation and pain relief to anxiety and stress relief. It may also benefit your heart and overakk health. Chewable gels are a unique, easy, and fun way to take CBD. You can know that you’re getting the correct dosage because it is pre-measured for you. Since the jellies do take a little longer to digest and break down than other versions of CBD, they tend to last longer. If you’re not looking for instant relief, this could be a great option for you.


    $19.98 or $16.98 / month
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